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Aboriginal communities in Northern Australia and many other Indigenous groups in the tropical areas are increasingly aware of their place in a globalised world, in which their cultural knowledge can play an important role as a resource, not only for the maintenance of local identities, but also as a vehicle for intercultural exchange (including tourism) and the generation of creative solutions to modern problems, including environmental sustainability and closing the gap of unemployment of their people.

Educational programs for development must be placed in the context of their societies needs and be interconnected with well conceived development plans…The onus is therefore placed on training providers to ensure that their training programs demonstrate that knowledge benefits not only the individual who acquires it, but also the society of which he or she is a part.

Ingan Education, Employment & Training in conjunction with qualified educators and trainers have demonstrated their ability to create and implement culturally appropriate training to benefit local Indigenous people and the wider community through the delivery of their current programs and activities.

Our Objective

Our training programs have a primary focus in assisting Aboriginal people into the workforce on a long term basis.  Our programs and lesson plans are culturally contextualised and the delivery of the information significant to fit with our clients local traditional lands, language and culture.  Our programs will provide people with the necessary skills to work within a variety of work industries but with a particular focus on the tourism industry.

Training programs by Ingan will engage the learner from a local perspective and provide ‘the indigenous voice’ in relation to vocational education programs.

Our training program will target:

  • Long term unemployed local indigenous people
  • Assist indigenous people with limited skills
  • School leavers
  • Young Indigenous people at risk
  • Mature aged persons
  • Persons with limited understanding of literacy and numeracy

With an aim to:

Increase and sustain employment opportunities in the local workforce with a particular focus on the tourism industry and its sectors but not limiting these opportunities for employment or career pathways in other industries.

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Previous employment programs that we have been involved in: