About Us: Our Story, Our Legacy

Ingan Tours

Acclaimed Indigenous tour operator Ingan Tours is 100% owned and operated based in Tully, Queensland.

The three directors of Ingan Tours: Dr Ernie Grant, Sonya Jeffrey and Caroline Grant actively believe in and promote:

  • Preserving the environment
  • Recapturing and preserving our peoples traditions and knowledge in living with the land, and living off the land
  • Teaching and sharing our knowledge with others

Dr. Ernie Grant

An Elder of the Jirrbal people from the Tully area in tropical north queensland. Ernie spent his first nine years living in the rainforest obtaining grounding in the traditional life of his people and credits his mother Chloe Grant, for instilling in him a great desire to learn all he could about his Aboriginal heritage.

Ernie has experience in western society including many years in research. He is now widely recognised in both cultures for his deep understanding of the unique characteristics of Indigenous languages and culture.

Many academic researchers have been keen to draw on his knowledge in the fields of ethno-botany, spirituality and mythology.  Ernie has had a long and varied career, and a lifelong passion for education and for sharing his understandings with educators from around the world.

Sonya Jeffrey

A Jirrbal Aboriginal woman, Sonya Jeffrey (Grant) is the Managing Director of Ingan Tours.
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