Elena Tobias from Germany

We did the Spirit of the Rainforest Tour today and we can tell: A MUST DO. When people come to Mission Beach & want to experience something about Australia, the Spirit of the Rainforest Tour is the best thing to do. Ernie first took us into the rainforest and taught us about nature. Then our Aboriginal guides took us up to the waterfall,it was breathtaking. We had a little swim and relaxed afterwards. Our Advice: Skydive is an adventure you can do all around the world, but only here, you can experience real Australia.  Go for it, it's worth every minute. Thank you for an unforgettable day.

Yours - Elena and Tobias from Germany

Christophe Dierckxsen Family from Belgium

Although I loved to do the "Echo Creek" tour, I appreciated that you, Jirrbal people, proposed to come over at Mission beach to learn our children about Aboriginal Culture. The way the three of you told stories, learned us about native plants & combined this in a playfull way with knocking up bracelets was fabulous. It's something that our kids will never forget. I greatly appreciate that!  

As promised, I send you some photos too. If, for any reason you want them in a higher resolution, just ask me and I will send them to you.

If you want to follow us on our worldtrip you can go to: http://www.wix.com/de9sprong/start

I'm sure the kids will soon write something in their diaries about the bracelets & Yarraman (horse) :-)

Hope to hear from you again!

Kind regards,

Cross Cultural Awareness

Late last year staff from the Indigenous Schooling Support Unit (ISSU) Central Southern Queensland were immersed in a three and a half day workshop in Jirribal country at the Echo Creek Adventure and Cultural Camp. 

The workshop was facilitated by Dr Ernie Grant and assisted by Steve Grady from ISSU – Far North Queensland, his daughter Sonia Jeffrey and his nieces Caroline and Tonya Grant. Participants were given a visual and physical way to connect, feel, smell and experience the realities of learning from the land of the Jirribal people. The workshop included an inspirational and heartfelt story on country and learning from the wisdoms of the Jirribal and Uncle Ernie provided the powerful messages as core facilitator and deliverer of the holistic learning process.

ISSU staff member Terry Green said it was mesmerising to sit, listen and hear the stories of his people, the depth of knowledge and connection to Country. “We came away from there with a newfound respect, defined and refined appreciation and believe me you don’t have one experience, but many,” Terry said.

“This was a valuable and engaging way to learn about the Jirribal culture and their connections to their land. The Jirribal people continue to uphold the valuable legacy of their forbearers.”

Department of Education and Training