Ingan Packages

About the Tour: The first of its kind in North Queensland. Ingan Tours is owned and operated by the Grant Family in Tully, North Queensland and we are very excited to introduce our signature adventure package Banday Banday.
About the Tour: Walk in the footsteps of our Ancestors and then feel the adrenalin rush while white water rafting on the magnificent Tully River.
About the Tour: Jump from a plane to skydive 14,000ft for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Then hike a mountain with the local Jirrbal people and see the environment through their eyes!
About the Tour: Relax on a self guided kayak tour of the Babinda Creek and then try your hand at traditional Aboriginal weaving on Ingan's Yunba Tour
About the Tour: Experience tropical islands of the coast of Mission Beach combined with a wonderful picnic lunch, then join Ingan Tours on a River Walk whilst enjoying the beauty of the Davidson Creek.
About the Tour: Looking for the ultimate Indigenous experience! Learn firsthand about the Jirrbal culture with your highly qualified guides as you immerse yourself in the land, language and culture of our people.